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behind the scenes making soaps

adding lye to water

Mixing premeasured Lye and adding it to my distilled water portion.  I'm adding lye to water in glass because the chemical reaction gets very hot.  Lye and lye water is very caustic and will burn your skin.  Extreme care is needed when dealing with chemicals!!

water gets very hot after adding lye

As you can see the temperature of the water went up to almost 200 degrees after mixing the lye with water!!

mixing base oils for soaps

We make our soaps and other products in small batches.  Here I'm mixing my various oils and melting them together on the stove.  I usually make about 6 pounds of soap at a time. 


All ingredients need to be carefully measured so the chemical reaction to make a finished soap (sopanification) occurs.

Melting and mixing oils

making soaps

The beginnings of soap after the lye water is added to the oil mixture.  Essential oils, and colorants, are mixed together to form a substance similar to a pudding consistency.  When just the right time, it is poured into one of my molds to cure.

The beginnings of soap!

soap molds

A soap mold I made to make soaps.

pouring uncured soap into molds

Pouring the soap batter into the mold. 


uncured soap in the molds

Filled soap mold. 


unmolding the soap for cutting into bars

The soap log out of the mold and ready for cutting. 

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