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How I started the Soapster (and it's natural products)

Here’s the story of how I came to create The Soapster. My wife loves to tell this story because it both throws me under the bus and makes me a hero. I was outside, in the spring, clearing out weeds and overgrown weeds. I came inside and put both my hands on either side of my wife’s face and gave her a heartfelt kiss (sounds good, doesn’t it?). Little did I know, poison ivy had been among the overgrown weeds (I guess I need to better identify weeds!).   Yikes! My wife, being a sensitive individual, breaks out all over her face and near her eyes.

She goes to the doctor’s the next day and is given an ointment for her face. Even after slathering herself with it she is itching like crazy and really worried about her eyes. Not being able to sleep because the doctor’s cream isn’t soothing the itch enough to relax, she got up in the middle of the night because she remembered a tiny commercial blend sample tube of Calendula cream packed away in the medicine box.  She put it on and got enough relief to actually fall back to sleep. Yes, I didn’t wake up. I’m a good sleeper.

In the morning after she told me the tale of the Midnight Medication I knew I could make her a stronger Calendula cream. We grow the plants (and I can identify those)!  So I had to do something. The sample tube was gone, the itch was back in full force, and the rash was spreading. Since I caused the problem I needed to fix it. From Calendula flowers that I had infused in olive oil for month I made my first Calendula medicinal cream. I put it in a glass jar saved from pickled herrings that my father-in-law loves (yuck).

It worked! My wife says that it worked better than the cream from the doctor and the little sample commercial cream she had. I regained my hero status and The Soapster was born.


What other uses for  Calendula cream?

Use The Soapster’s Calendula Cream for skin irritations such as: bee stings, rashes, bruises, brush burns, skin ulcers, cradle cap, and diaper rash. Calendula cream is made from the flowers of the Calendula plant and is known to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and promotes cell growth and healing.

Definitely a must for your medicine cabinet.

Safety Warnings

Careful using any calendula product if you are allergic to ragweed. Obviously, if you have any reaction to calendula, stop using it. Calendula should be used externally and topically. Calendula has a perfect safety record, with no toxicity reported.


Our dog, Jackie, chasing bees among the Calendula plants.

Calendula growing in our backyard. We harvest when the flowers when they are in full bloom early in the morning to get the greatest efficacy from the infusion. Never any pesticides!


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